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What makes us different?

At the Faculty of Engineering you will learn through the own education model of this University, which is supported by successive groups of professionals graduating each year. Some of the aspects that make us different are our specialised laboratories, our innovative teaching methodology, the personal attention to our students and a teaching staff closely linked to the professional world.

Laboratories available to students

The Faculty of Engineering is housed in a modern building that offers students facilities and resources to enable them to develop the practical skills needed in our degrees.

We are aware that students require a high level of technological training for professional engineering practice. Therefore, our Faculty has 25 specialised laboratories with a total of 700 workstations available to students.

Computer Labs

  • Multimedia
  • 10 general laboratories with a total of 400 PCs to carry out teamwork.

Industrial Technology and Manufacturing Labs

  • Chemistry and Environment
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Power Electronics and
  • Electrical Machines

Automation and Control Laboratories

  • Automata and Industrial Computing
  • Measurement and Regulation Systems
  • Industrial Sensing Systems
  • Integrated Production Systems and Robotics

Electronic Laboratories

  • Computer Architecture
  • Analog Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Microprocessors and Computer Structure

Telecommunications Laboratories

  • Signal Engineering
  • Telematics Engineering and Digital TV
  • Instrumentation and Optical Communications


Our programmes

This academic year we offer a new range of engineering degrees adapted to the Bologna framework with programmes designed to prepare engineers in the skills demanded by the industry.

Innovative teaching methodology

We apply a teaching-learning model where the student plays the leading role. A model based on the acquisition of skills specific of the degree and generic competences (teamwork, time management, oral and written skills ...) that engineers require for successful professional practice.

Teaching staff closely linked to the professional world

More than 30% of the teaching staff at the Faculty of Engineering combine their teaching with work in the field of business, thus providing students with a professional and applied approach to engineering.

Individualised attention to students

To host, guide and assist students are some of the objectives of the teaching staff in the Faculty, and more particularly of the team of tutors who assist engineering students on university, academic, professional and personal matters.

The University of Deusto has been characterised throughout its history by its great capacity for innovation in the wide range of courses it offers. Following this tradition, the Faculty of Engineering has its own degree called Honors Program for all engineering degrees. This shows its commitment to excellence, by identifying and promoting the learning of their best students.

Honors Programs have a long-standing tradition in Anglo-Saxon universities and, basically, all north-American, Canadian, Australian and British universities have this type of programmes in most of their engineering degrees.

This idea has also been extended to Latin American.
At the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto, this programme provides those students with best academic performance and who are interested in making an additional effort in their learning process with the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of transversal competences that are useful for their professional practice.
The Honors Program at the Faculty of Engineering is divided into 8 modules, consisting of a number of workshops and courses, and a personal development programme, which is developed as a mentoring programme.

Personal Development Programme
Collaborative environments
Teamwork and leadership
Introduction to Research
Design in Engineering


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