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Award Panel

Asier Perallos

Asier Perallos.
Dean, Engineering Faculty, University of Deusto.
Chair of the awards panel.  


     Ada Byron Sailburua

Estíbaliz Hernáez.
Deputy minister of Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness. Basque Government.


Guillermo Dorronsoro. Decano de Deusto Business School.


Guillermo Dorronsoro.
Director of northern area of ​​Ibermatica.


 Idoia Maguregui Villalain 


Idoia Maguregui Villalain.Managing Subdirector of Resources. Sareb.


   Izaskun Landaida 


Izaskun Landaida.
Director of Emakunde – Basque Institute for Women.


 Lorena Fernandez 


Lorena Fernandez.
Director of Digital Identity, University of Deusto.


  Manuel Salaverria


Manuel Salaverria.
President of Innobasque.


  Natalia Basterrechea


Natalia Basterrechea.
Head of Policy, Spain at Facebook.


    Nerea Aranguren

Nerea Aranguren.
Managing Director of IK4-IDEKO.



 Gotzone Zaldunbide  


Pilar López Álvarez.
President of Microsoft Spain.


  Regina Llopis


Regina Llopis.
President of Grupo AIA.


 Teresa Laespada


Teresa Laespada Martínez.
Deputy for Employment, Inclusion and Equality, Biscay Regional Council.








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