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2017 Award


Regina Llopis Rivas. Ada Byron Award for Women in Technology 2017

Regina Llopis Rivas. Ada Byron Award for Women in Technology 2017

The organising committee and jury of the 4th edition of the Ada Byron Award for Women Technologist has awarded Regina Llopis Rivas, PhD in Applied Mathematics to Artificial Intelligence of the University of California Berkeley (United States). Regina Llopis Rivas is president and CEO of the AIA technology group, Applications in Advanced Computing.

In addition to her doctorate in Mathematics, Regina Llopis Rivas' extensive curriculum is complemented by various degrees in subjects such as business leadership, management of technology companies, senior management programmes, business strategies for telecommunications and internet companies and issues related to the presence and leadership of women in the business world. She has also published numerous articles in journals and specialised fora.

Throughout her professional career, she has been awarded a number of prizes, both for her personal and corporate contributions, including the 2015 IWEC AWARD (IWEC - International Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation), created by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the Manhatan Chamber of Commerce and the FICCI/FLO (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ladies Organisation). In addition, the AIA Group received in 2010 the Innovative Company award in the 2nd edition of the Ascamm Innovation Awards. Regina Llopis Rivas was included in the El Pais 2009 list of most important personalities of the year.

Her professional career is plentiful of entrepreneurship projects and is characterised by her determination to support women activities in the technology and company fields. Teaching, the management of research institutes and the creation of companies and start-ups have been some of the major achievements of the Ada Byron grantee. In this sense, she has played a key role in the launch of the companies that today are part of the AIA Group.

As regards women’s presence in Regina Llopis Rivas professional life, AIA applies positive discrimination towards women, Affirmative Action Towards Women.

Words of Regina Llopis Rivas. Ada Byron Award for Women in Technology 2017 


Ada Byron Award 2017 Presentation

Ada Byron Award 2017 Presentation

In the framework of Forotech 2017, the Engineering Faculty organised the conference “Rethinking Science and Technology with women: parity democracy”, gave by Irune Aguirrezabal, Political Participation and Leadership Regional Advisor from the America, Caribe and Panama UN Women Regional Office.
At the same event, that took place on January the 10th (DBS Faculty Club, 10.30 A.M) the Ada Byron Award 2017 was presented, with the participation of Izaskun Landaida, head of the Basque Institute for Women (EMAKUNDE) María Guijarro, Head of Equality of the Employment, Inclusion and Equality from the Provincial Government of Bizkaia, and Julen Iturbe-Ormaetxe (Consultoría Artesana en Red) in a round table.