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Internet-Enabled Services for the Cities across Europe

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Internet-Enabled Services for the Cities across Europe

Internet-Enabled Services for the Cities across Europe

The project will contribute with an open technological platform deployable in different cities across Europe that will allow the citizens to produce and consume internet-based services based on their own and external Linked Data related to the cities.
IES Cities will increase the knowledge of a city by their population as well as increasing the value of the data from it, making it useful for their inhabitants and visitors around, giving an added value to the existing data and involving the users, in a way that they can be considered at the same time producers and consumers of contents (super-prosumer concept). SMEs will create services benefiting the local businesses whilst public administrations will have the chance to put in value their investments in open data government datasets.
Ciudades inteligentes o smart cities
Intervienen como ciudades piloto Bristol, Majadahonda, Rovereto y Zaragoza.

En colaboración con:

 Toshiba EuroHelp

Amis Geko

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