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18 February 2020Bilbao Campus

8 European start-ups reach the final phase of the EDI project - one of the most important virtual incubators on Big Data

TVARIT, ORBEM, SMAP Energy, AINDO, MOBYGIS, BETTAIR, FEELINGSTREAM and SENSEI have been the 8 selected European start-ups reaching the last incubation phase of the EDI project. EDI is a Horizon 2020 project, coordinated by DeustoTech, that represents one of the most important European virtual incubators in the field of Big Data. Its objective is to encourage the creation and development of new Big Data companies with the view of making Europe a reference in the field.

The use of massive data (Big Data) is a strategic asset with enormous potential to transform companies and industries. EDI arises to meet the growing need to have entrepreneurs capable of solving the challenges of large data providers in Europe and to help to draw value from them. It works as a companies’ incubator and aims to make company data available to start-ups, which would not have access otherwise.

The project offers participants up to € 100,000 equity free funding to carry out their ideas, as well as training, coaching and networking possibilities with some of the most important European data provider organisations.

EDI has a total duration of 3 years and counts with the financial support of the European Union - Framework for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020) in the value of € 7 million; of which 5 million goes to financially support future companies.

For further information about EDI, please consult this page.

19/02/2020 - European Data Incubator (EDI). Presentación de soluciones basadas en datos para corporaciones europeas