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08 November 2019Bilbao Campus

María Alicia Guzmán awarded with the Mexican Ada Byron Prize in its first edition

Dr. María Alicia de los Ángeles Guzmán Puente has been awarded with the First Edition of the Mexican Ada Byron Prize. She has been selected amongst 11 finalists out of 166 applicants to the award.

The work of this scientist focuses on environmental issues, especially those related to water and its use. The prize, endowed with 60,000 pesos, has been presented at Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, in a ceremony attended by David Fernández Dávalos (Rector of the IBERO CDMX), Mario Patrón Sánchez (Rector of the IBERO Puebla) and José María Guibert ( Rector of the University of Deusto).

After a meeting with authorities of the IBERO CDMX and subsequent visit by the FXC Library, workshops and laboratories, the award ceremony was held, in which José María Guibert delivered a speech on the importance and significance of the Ada Byron award. This award ceremony was preceded by a medal ceremony to the students who won the Engineering scholarships and by a conference on Women, Innovation and Technology.

Organised by the University of Deusto, in partnership with the University Ibero Puebla and the University Ibero México, and sponsored by Microsoft, this prize recognises the work of remarkable women in Science and Technology, with the objective of fostering the participation of women in such areas.

In its Spanish edition, the Prize has been awarded to 6 Technologist Women: Concepción Alicia Monje Micharet, researcher in Robotics and Professor in the University Carlos III in Madrid; Montserrat Meya, expert in artificial intelligence and automatic translation; Asunción Gómez, researcher in semantic technologies; Nuria Oliver, expert in modelling and recognition of human behaviour with computers; Regina Llopis, PhD in Mathematics Applied to Artificial Intelligence by the University of California Berkeley (United States), and María Ángeles Martín Prats, lecturer at the Electronics Engineering Department of the University of Seville.

For more information about the award, please consult this page.