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Overview of IQAS

Internal Quality Assurance System 

The organising principles of the European Higher Education Area are quality, mobility, diversity and competitiveness, with a focus on the achievement of strategic aims, such as the adoption of a system of easily comparable degrees, assuring quality, structuring university studies into two levels (undergraduate and postgraduate) and implementing the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS credits).

ANECA has designed two quality management programmes: AUDIT and VERIFICA. The criteria and guidelines to assess new degree programmes require that the degree programme proposal include an Internal Quality Assurance System. This must ensure control, revision and continuous improvement of the programme and the university offering it must set up certain procedures for quality control and formal mechanisms to ensure these objectives are met. It is also required to establish channels to inform students and society in general about the new degree programme and its objectives.

The Faculty of Engineering has a documented Internal Quality Assurance System in compliance with the AUDIT programme defined by ANECA. This system is formed by the organisation structures, administration, processes and procedures for action and the resources allotted by the Faculty of Engineering to implement internal quality assurance.

The system is run and continuously improved by applying quality policy, the Faculty's objectives as defined in its strategic plan, measurement and analysis of stakeholder satisfaction, analysis of process results, audits and revision of the system by the Center's Quality Committee .

The Dean and Center's Quality Committee are responsible for the Quality Assurance System and are supported by UTIC-Quality.