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Research areas

Research Areas

Research at the Faculty of Engineering is structured around the following thematic areas and research lines:

Ambient Intelligence and the Internet of the Future for the Transformation of Society

  • Ambient Intelligence and its use for the creation of smart care spaces (AAL) in the context of the Smart Cities
  • Application of ICT to Innovation in Education
  • Internet of the Future and its pillars: Internet of Services, Internet of Contents and Knowledge (Web of Data, Analytics and Visualizations) and Internet of Things

Transport and Mobility for Society and Industry

  • Intelligent transport and mobility
  • Artificial intelligence applied to route/service optimisation and traffic prediction
  • Vehicular communications and cooperative systems
  • Continuous positioning and positioning-based services

ICT-based Innovation for Health and Accessibility

  • Digital biomedical signal processing
  • Telemedicine, telemonitoring and teleassistance
  • Technology solutions for health and quality of life
  • Serious Games as therapy and social insertion

Big Data analysis

  • Applied computational intelligence

Applied Mechanics

  • Noise in electrical machines
  • Advanced industrial processes.
  • Behaviour of advanced materials

Industrial Organisation and logistics

  • Optimisation of production processes and logistics
  • Sustainable supply chain management

Industrial Design

  • Design culture, management and strategy
  • Design and new societal challenges
  • New design methodologies and tools

Energy and the Environment

  • Integral energy management, the environment, sustainability and clean technologies.