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Continuous training cycle

Grade > Master > PhD

The formation process of the Faculty of Engineering is designed in order to achieve that futures engineer so that the future engineer begin their undergraduate studies and enrich and expand their skills through the master's degrees that are offered by the Faculty. Engineers will also have the opportunity to complete their studies with a PhD in Engineering for Information Society and Sustainable Development.

You are the protagonist

Deusto training Model

Thanks to Deusto training Model the student is the protagonist of a learning process based on the acquisition of specific skills (description of the award) and generic (teamwork, time management, oral and written expression ...) that are necessary to achieve that the engineer is unwrap successfully in the professional field.

Laboratorios especializados

El ejercicio profesional de la ingeniería exige un alto nivel de preparación tecnológica. La Facultad cuenta, por ello con más de 25 laboratorios, con capacidad para 700 alumnos, disponibles tanto para clases como para uso de los alumnos en horario libre.


La Universidad de Deusto cuenta con el Centro de Inserción Laboral Integral DeustoAlumni, un centro que cuenta con recursos técnicos y humanos que facilitan la inserción laboral de los estudiantes.

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