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Workshops for students

Forotech 2020

We will be holding the next Deusto Engineering and Technology Week, Forotech, from 28 to 30 October. The Faculty is organising a very special week to enable ESO and Baccalaureate students to find out about different technologies through practical and dynamic activities and workshops. Forotech wants to empower scientific and technological vocation into young students. Do you want to sign up?

Contact us at or at 944 139 064 for further information.We look forward to seeing you at Forotech! 

2020 Workshops

*Registration is required to attend the workshops. Don’t forget to register by contacting us at You can also request a guided tour of the Forotech exhibition. This is a unique opportunity to browse and see tech samples that show the innovation capacity of firms and research centres in our area.

MOON: a calculation game with bits and logic gates

Aimed at students from 6th year primary education to 2nd year Baccalaureate.

Computer thinking prepares us to solve everyday problems by applying computer logic. Board games and programming challenges help us to acquire a wide variety of skills and abilities that are necessary in the context of the STEAM areas and for young people’s personal and academic development. Through the MOON board game, we will learn to count in binary, to perform logical and mathematical operations as a real computer would do (add, subtract, rotate bits, copy bits, logical gates like OR, AND, XOR, etc.).
To book this workshop, please contact:


Lempel: mental exercise and computer thinking game

Aimed at students from 1st year ESO to 2nd year Baccalaureate.

Lempel is a game for the development of computational thinking that goes beyond pure algorithms and programming. In today's society where the speed of data transfer and data size are important, a way to represent the same information in less space (bits) must be found. Therefore, based on pattern recognition, this game proposes a series of challenges of increasing difficulty where participants will have to compress text strings as they are entered into information processing.
To book this workshop, please contact:


Scratch: video game design

Aimed at students from 5th year primary education to 2nd year ESO.

Scratch is a programming environment that allows you to write programmes easily and intuitively without the need to have any programming skills. With Scratch, students begin to programme characters, animations and even their own video games. They play, research and try out how to programme the elements of a story using a very simple graphic interface. Scratch helps young people to learn to think logically and creatively, and work in teams.
To book this workshop, please contact:


Kodetu: your first hour of code

Aimed at students from 5th year primary education to 1st year ESO.

Kodetu poses a series of increasingly difficult visual programming challenges that do not require prior programming skills. Kodetu workshops are suitable for tackling programming for the first time and opening your senses to computer thinking.
To book this workshop, please contact:


Robotics workshop with micro:bit

Aimed at students from 1st year ESO to 2nd year Baccalaureate.

Micro:bit is a small programmable card that incorporates a large number of sensors and actuators. In the workshop, students will learn how to create and programme a step counter bracelet that measures the distance travelled, steps and ambient temperature. They will also programme personalised alert messages.
To book this workshop, please contact:


More workshops: sign up with your school

Have fun and spark off your entrepreneurial spirit with creaction!

Duration: 1 hour

Discover in this workshop the creaction! programme in innovation and entrepreneurship for 1st year undergraduate students at the University of Deusto.
creaction! is a blended, interdisciplinary and guided programme to train entrepreneurial attitudes: personal knowledge, creativity, innovation methodologies and the ability to identify new opportunities.
In this workshop, we will carry out four practical exercises through which you will live the experience of creaction! and you will discover that taking the first step is in your hands.
In addition, we will get to know the DeusoEmprende, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University of Deusto.

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Exposición ForoTech

Entre taller y taller, pásate por la exposición FOROTECH. La entrada es libre, te pilla de camino, y es una oportunidad única para admirar y curiosear muestras tecnológicas que ponen de manifiesto la capacidad innovadora de las empresas y entidades de investigación de nuestro entorno.

Cita Previa: 944 139 073

- Miércoles 28 octubre: 10:00-18:00h
- Jueves 29 octubre: 10:00-18:00h
- Viernes 30 octubre: 10:00-14:00h

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